I’m an independent writer, artist, researcher, educator & consultant with a special interest in contemporary culture, arts, and creative media.

I’m drawn to stories found at the constitutive, performative & mediated margins of nature and culture, with themes of liveness, presence and attention often at the heart of my work.

I’ve written & spoken about subjects across a broad range of topics and fields, including critical theory & cultural studies, contemporary visual art & culture, design, tech & science, multi-species relationships, ecological conservation, museological display and natural histories. Recent work has focused on overlapping areas of social space & public health, chronic illness and disability, and sports & fitness culture.

These academic concerns naturally intersect with my other professional capacity, as I’m also a practicing CIMSPA-registered Level 3 Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach and Certified Kettlebell Instructor, exclusively remote-coaching while the pandemic continues. My coaching centres on growing client confidence, identifying existing strengths to improve fitness and well-being, and learning what a sustainable relationship with exercise feels like for them.

Currently, I’m busy working on an academic publication commissioned by VCA, University of Melbourne.

However, I welcome enquiries for commissioned writing, research, and other projects in consultancy, publicity and press.

Email: anna(dot)ricciardi1(at)gmail(dot)com

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